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What to Ask When Choosing a Waste Removal Service for a Home Project

When scheduling a home project such as a renovation or spring cleaning, or when deciding to clean out the office at work, you would do well to hire a waste removal service or skip bin. This allows you to collect trash quickly and easily and keep your property neat and tidy during the cleanup, and you know the trash will be removed just as easily rather than sitting on your curb and maybe even being refused by your regular trash collectors. Note a few questions to ask when choosing a waste removal service for a home project.

1. Ask how they handle it if you need to have the rubbish removed early or late

Very often, when you schedule a skip bin rental, you have it for a full day or half day, or rent it according to a certain schedule. However, it can be difficult to know how long you'll actually need the bin until you start cleaning and tearing out debris. You might need the bin picked up early because it's full or you might need to keep it another few hours or even half a day because the job is larger than you assumed. Ask if there are fees for reworking your schedule this way, how much notice you need to give them, and the like, so you know how to handle this change in your schedule.

2. Ask if there is anything you need to do to secure the bin

A bin on wheels should have locks for the casters, so that it doesn't roll down a hill or incline or roll away when you toss anything inside. If the bin has a lid, the lid should have a lock of some sort so that you don't need to open it each time you need to use the bin; this can be cumbersome and difficult. You also don't want the lid to catch the wind and fly back up at you when you're tossing items in the bin. Always ask how to secure every part of the bin while it's in use so you know you'll be safe.

3. Ask if they recycle

A skip bin rental agency should recycle the items in a bin where possible. You can pull out items that can be recycled such as wood cabinets or glass panes from windows, but it's much easier if the bin company does this for you. They may have facilities to separate and sort these items and then also be in touch with recycling facilities that will receive them. If you're at all eco-conscious, ask about their recycling practices.