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4 Actionable Tricks For Pressuring Washing The Outside Walls Of Your Home

Pressure cleaning the outside walls of your home is a good way to get rid of the dirt and grime that settles on them over a period. But inadequate preparation and failure to undertake certain diligent steps may injure you or cause damage to your walls. This actionable guide is designed for pressure washing the outside walls of your home as safely and judiciously as possible.

Protect Your Eyes And Skin

Keep in mind that protecting your eyes and skin is vital when you're pressure cleaning walls because the force of the water could cause internal damage to your eyes or can gouge your skin. Use a pair of goggles when pressure washing walls to protect your eyes from any potential hazards. Cover yourself well to prevent high-pressure water from coming into direct contact with your skin and gouging it. 

Pay Close Attention To Electrical Wires Running Into Your Home

Many homes have power connections and electrical wires that run along the edges of walls, so pay close attention to check whether your home is one of them. If you notice any ground-level or wall-edged electrical wires, you may want to turn off your main electrical switch during pressure cleaning to avoid any short circuits inside. Avoid touching these wires because any live current will end up electrocuting you. Turn off the electrical mains and wait for a little while before pressure washing the walls.

Wash Walls At Ground Level

Keep in mind that pressure cleaning walls with ladders will put you at greater risk because the force of the water will push you away from the wall. This makes the ladder wobble and lose balance, causing you to fall and injure yourself. If you hire commercial pressure washing professionals, then they have elevated platforms for washing walls on higher floors safely. If you're doing it yourself, it's best to stick to washing walls from the ground level to avoid harming yourself.

Remove Any Obstructions

The area around your home's exterior walls should be as obstruction-free as possible, so make sure you remove patio furniture, potted plants, garden ornaments, cycles, cars and other items that may be placed near the walls. This will make it easier for you to tackle every part of the wall to clean it. The lower part of walls in particular tend to get dirty, especially when loose mud kicks up against them during heavy rains or winds. Focus on these areas by removing all obstructions while cleaning.

Follow these key tricks for pressure cleaning the exterior walls of your home.