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Stained Carpet? 5 Steps To Successfully Tackle Wet Nail Polish Carpet Spills

Did your nail painting job end with a nasty spill on the carpet? Don't panic! You're not the first and you certainly won't be the last to do so. The trick is to act quickly in your quest to remove wet nail polish spills by following these carpet cleaning steps.

Bring Your Carpet Cleaning Materials Together

For this carpet cleaning task, you will need nail polish remover, soft cloths, water, rubbing alcohol and carpet cleaner. Liquid carpet cleaners and rubbing alcohol can be bought at local home improvement stores. The rest of the ingredients are probably already available in your home.

Moisten The Spilled Area Immediately

Nail polish spills are best tackled when they are wet, so keep the area as moist as possible by sprinkling some water over them. Moistening the area will prevent the nail polish spill from drying and setting in the carpet, so it will be easier to remove.

Dampen A Cloth And Blot The Spill

Use a soft, damp cloth to blot up as much of the nail polish spill as possible. Keep changing the cloth to ensure that you don't end up spreading the nail polish stain on the carpet. Apply nail polish remover to another cloth and blot the spill. Avoid rubbing because this could spread the stain coverage further. Make sure the area remains saturated as you blot it for the best carpet cleaning results. You will soon notice the nail polish starting to lighten and disappear from the carpet.

Add Rubbing Alcohol To The Stain

Rubbing or isopropyl alcohol is effective for removing stains from different surfaces, including carpets. You simply need to spray it over the stained area and let it sit for a little while. Blot once again with a soft cloth. With this carpet cleaning step, the nail polish stain will significantly lighten or vanish.

Use Carpet Cleaner And Water To Clean The Area

Once the stain is removed, use a carpet cleaner and water to clean the area completely before allowing it to dry. This will remove any trace of the rubbing alcohol and nail polish remover from the carpet. Apply the carpet cleaner based on the instructions provided. Once you're done, use a dry cloth to remove as much moisture as possible from the carpet and let it dry in a well ventilated environment.

Follow these carpet cleaning steps in your quest to successfully tackle wet nail polish carpet spills.