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3 Options When You Don't Want a Wet Carpet From Cleaning

Having your carpets cleaned is a great way to keep your entire house clean, as carpets can hold dust, dirt, pet hair and dander, insect droppings, and a host of other irritants. Cleaning carpets can also restore the color and the nap so that they look like new again. However, you may hesitate to have your carpets cleaned regularly because you don't like how wet they are after being cleaned and may not have time to wait for them to dry before you let your family and pets back into the house. There are drier options available for carpet shampooing; note a few of those options here.

Chemical cleaning

When you take your clothes to the dry cleaners, there is a chemical solution that is used on them rather than regular water and detergent. This same type of cleaning method can be used on your carpeting; chemicals are applied over the carpet, allowed to sit and soak into the fibers, and then extracted with a vacuuming. The carpet is typically very dry once the chemicals are extracted and may take only a very short time to be ready for foot traffic. Chemical cleaning is also good for stains and areas that aren't going to get clean with a general shampooing, as the chemicals are usually stronger than standard carpet shampoos.

Foam cleaning

Foam cleaning involves using a type of foam detergent that is applied to the carpeting and then allowed to soak and penetrate the fibers. As the foam expands, it pulls dirt and other irritants out of the fibers. A brush that may resemble a floor buffer is usually used over the carpeting in order to spread the foam and allow it to penetrate the deepest layers of the carpet fibers. Once the foam is done expanding, it is then extracted with a vacuuming method.


Similar to foam cleaning, a carbonated solution may be applied to the carpeting and the bubbling action of the carbon pulls dirt out of the carpet fibers. The solution is then removed. Typically carbonation cleaning does not involve a brush as this can stop the carbonation action, but the substance is simply allowed to bubble and then the carpets are vacuumed with a commercial vacuum. Note that foam and carbonation may leave carpets slightly damp due to their chemical reaction, but your carpets should be relatively dry once the cleaning is finished and typically much drier than a steam clean or shampooing.