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Two types of cleaning work that you should outsource

There are certain types of cleaning tasks that are best left to a professional. Read on to find out what they are.

Curtain washing

Over time, the dust mites, pet dander, microscopic soil particles and other contaminants that hang in the air will settle on your curtain fabrics. Curtains can also end up covered in stains if you accidentally spill food or drink whilst standing near them.

The accumulation of too much pet dander, dust mites and dirt on your curtains could also exacerbate the symptoms of any respiratory conditions or allergies that you or your family members suffer from. Likewise, the presence of food and drink stains on your curtains will not only make them smell malodorous but can also make them look unsightly.

As such, it is important to wash your curtains on a semi-regular basis; ideally, you should do this at least two or three times a year.

However, if virtually all of the windows of your home are dressed with curtains, laundering these items at home could be an extremely laborious process. Most standard residential washing machines are too small to hold more than one pair of bulky curtains at once. As such, if you have eight sets of curtains that need to be laundered, you could end up spending at least a couple of days on this task.

Furthermore, if any of your curtains are made from fabrics that are too delicate to be washed in a washing machine (such as silk or suede), you may have to wash them by hand in your shower or bathtub. This could be a very lengthy and exhausting process.

As such, this is a chore which is best handled by a professional cleaner. Look for a business in your area that offers bulk curtain laundry services and let them take care of this task. They will be able to launder all of your curtains far more quickly than if you attempted to tackle this job yourself. Furthermore, because they specialise in this type of cleaning, they will be better able to get rid of those stubborn stains that you are unable to.

Carpet cleaning

Whilst you might be tempted to rent a steam-cleaner and clean your home's carpets yourself, this is not a good idea. Instead, you should arrange for a professional carpet cleaner to carry out this job.

If you have never used a steam-cleaner before, there is a chance that you may end up inflicting major damage on both your carpets and the floorboards underneath them.

For example, if you accidentally saturate the carpet, mould could begin to grow on it before it can dry out completely. This could ruin the carpet's appearance and potentially be quite dangerous (as mould spores can cause respiratory distress if inhaled). Additionally, if the floorboards below the carpets get soaked, a wood-decay fungus could start to develop on them. If this should happen, the wood could start to weaken and then break when you then place any heavy objects on it.

As such, it is far better to simply have a professional cleaner handle this task on your behalf. They will know exactly how to use the steam-cleaner so that your carpets are left hygienically clean and in perfect condition.