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3 Cheap Ways To Totally Refresh Your House

For most people, a house is the biggest purchase they will ever make, and it used to be the case that when you bought a house, you normally stayed in it for most of your life. However, recently more and more people are buying a new house every 10 years or even sooner, often because they feel stagnated in their life by having the same surroundings for an extended period of time, and this is a fair enough feeling. Instead of buying a new house, however, here are a few ways you can feel refreshed in your own home without going through the massive upheaval and cost of moving houses. 

1. Carpet Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning your carpet is a great way to remove old stains and the "tired" look out of your carpet after years of use. Unlike regular carpet cleaning methods like vacuuming, steam cleaning uses hot water for a deeper and more complete cleaning process. You use and walk on your carpet every day, and yet almost everyone is happy to go years between any sort of professional cleaning. This seems crazy when getting your carpet steam cleaned is relatively cheap and makes a huge difference to the look and feel of your carpet. Remember to get a professional to do this for you; trying it by yourself as an amateur can lead to disastrous results, and the expense of hiring someone to do this for you is much less than the cost of replacing your carpet if you make a mistake.

2. Rearrange Your Furniture

Remember when you were a kid and just moving your bed made your room feel completely new? Re-arranging the furniture in your house every once in a while is a great way to emulate that feeling and give you a new experience in familiar surroundings. By experimenting with new layouts, you will probably find a better or more efficient way to organise your house that you would never have considered before. Think about things like natural lighting and ways to maximise your windows and storage.

3. Repainting Your Walls

While you might see your walls as little more than background "white noise" that is not important, the colour of your walls can actually influence your mood. By repainting your walls to more productive and happier colours, you can liven up your house as well as improving your subconscious thoughts about your home. Blue is a great colour to start with if you do not have it in your house already, as is earthier colours like beige and grey. Think about your own favourite colours and maybe implement some of those in the rooms you are most active in. 

For more information on carpet steam cleaning, contact your local carpet cleaning professionals.