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The Perks of Steam Cleaning Your Carpet

When you love your carpet and want to make sure it keeps looking its best, you'll need to clean it. While traditional carpet cleaning is an option, you may want to try carpet steam cleaning as an alternative. Here are some of the perks that come with steam cleaning.

It's Eco-Friendly

Does the thought of introducing more chemicals to the environment trouble you? Steam cleaning means you rely on heat and water alone. The steam makes its way into your carpet's fibres and loosens the dirt. From there, the suction of the device you use will lift the dirt and any odours that have had a chance to settle into your carpet. This means you enjoy effective results, without the use of chemicals. 

Kind to Pets

Avoiding the use of chemicals isn't just good news for the environment. It should keep your pets happy too. When you use chemicals to clean your carpet, your pets may shy away from the scents that follow. They have sensitive noses, which means they may detect them even when you can't. As steam cleaning is a more neutral option, your pets may find the results more tolerable. Although carpet steam cleaning will still tackle some of the bad pet smells left behind, it won't introduce artificial smells that your four-legged friends hate.

Combats Pathogens

Steam cleaning involves a lot of heat, which is great news when it comes to treating pathogens. Viruses and bacteria are likely to buckle under the temperatures required to steam clean a carpet. Carpets collect a lot of pathogens over the years from people walking on them and coughing close to them. Although your hands don't come into contact with the floor often, there are still ways that viruses and bacteria can transfer back to you. Because of this, you may want to consider steam cleaning after there's a confirmed illness on your property.

Quick Results

Traditional carpet cleaning usually means you have to wait a period of time for that area of carpet to dry before you can walk on it. While you'll still need to wait a short while after steam cleaning, your wait won't be as long. This can prove especially useful when you live in a busy household where it's difficult to banish members from certain rooms. You'll also benefit from quick results when you need to turn over a property rapidly between guests or tenants and want to make sure they benefit from a fresh carpet.

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