3 Reasons to Hire a Biohazard Cleaning Company After a Tenant's Death

If a tenant dies in one of your properties, then you have to find a way to clean up after their death. If the deceased was in the property for a while before being found, or if their death was violent, then you could have to deal with a lot of blood and bodily fluids. Once the police release your property back to you, you should consider bringing in a biohazard cleaning company. [Read More]

3 Steps to Complete Mould Removal and Remediation in Your Home

Mould infestation is a common problem in most homes. This infestation occurs due to excess moisture and poor airflow. Unfortunately, once mould spores grow on a surface, they continue to spread, even in the absence of promoting factors such as moisture. Therefore, failure to use proper removal techniques will lead to a future infestation. If you have mould in your home, follow these three steps for complete removal and remediation. [Read More]

Why you need to hire a carpet cleaning service

If you find your carpet looking dirty, you should consider a carpet cleaning service. You should hire a professional cleaning service for the following reasons: Type of carpet  Different rugs have different kinds of fabrics, which professionals can identify. Hiring a professional ensures your carpet is cleaned with the most suitable method to keep it vibrant. There are different cleaning methods for each carpet fabric. You should inquire about these methods as the price varies. [Read More]

What's the best way to clean the carpets in your home?

Are the carpets of your home starting to look a little grimy and worn? Is your upholstery showing signs of needing a deep clean? No matter how often you vacuum your carpets you will never get them completely clean there will come a time when they really need to be professionally cleaned to restore their original colours and vitality. You could get down on your hands and knees and scrub the carpet yourself but that is time-consuming, and it isn't very effective anyway. [Read More]